1. Background of the Real Estate in Addis Ababa: Make sure the real estate is actually constructed in Addis Ababa and delivered before. Trust is the biggest problem with real estate in Ethiopia today and it is vital to check the real estate’s background
  1. Design: Just because there is lack of residents in Addis Ababa doesn’t mean you have to buy the available cheapest apartment, just because it is ready for sale. Whether you are going to resell it or live in it, its design is important and adds value to its market value. It also makes you feel good to be in a well designed, beautiful home, rather than a boring apartment.
  1. Facilities nearby: Check and make sure that basic facilities are nearby or available inside the real estate. It is okay to have your apartment outside the center of the city, but basic services such as supermarket, restaurant, bank, etc should be easily reachable.
  1. Quality: Most apartments luck quality. Some have bad finishing and others have major problems and use cheap finishing materials, such as bathroom accessories, floor tiles, etc. You need to check the quality of the products the real estate uses and the repetition of the real estate from previously constructed apartments or homes. If you can’t be there at the real estate, send someone to check for you. It is also a good idea to go with someone with better experience to help you check the quality of the apartment and look beyond the cover.
  1. Is the apartment actually built? Before making payment, going to the location and seeing the apartment under construction is important. Stop listening to sales people who talk about the big dream house with no tangible apartment being constructed. Note that it may take long time to complete apartments with no construction in progress.
  1. Parking: Parking is the most important and usually ignored facility in a real estate. Check and make sure that there is enough parking for residents inside the real estate.
  1. Security: While most real estate builders and apartment buyers check this feature later, security is vital and needs to be planned earlier. Make sure the apartment is secure for you and your family and has well constructed fence.
  1. Internet: In today’s world internet is important to be present in apartments. Internet service in Addis Ababa has unlimited broadband service, for which you can pay a fixed monthly fee to ethio telecom. You can get connected the whole month with a flat payment rate. To have the service for you, with the speed you need, apartments need to have the internet line ready beforehand. You can then easily get the WiFi you love at home. Make sure the apartment you buy has the facility.