2004: Established

We are a sole proprietor business engaged in real estate with the aim to deliver quality houses for homebuyers and for rent according to schedule and at a reasonable price, with professionalism.

Established in 2004 in Addis Ababa, Sunrise Real Estate has shown impressive growth over the last decade.

2006: 10 Luxury G+2 Villas

So far, in 2006, we have accomplished building ten luxury G+2 beautiful villas for sale and rental pursposes in Nifas Selke sub-city near by AU Commision chairperson Residential Compound.

2014: 34 G+1 Villas

Moreover, we have constructed 34 G+1 luxury houses in Bole sub-city nearby Summit Soft Drinks Factory. 

2016: 350 Apartments

Furthermore, we are undertaking construction of ten apartment buildings in the later place that can accommodate 360 households. 

G+2 Presidential Villas built at Nifas Silk

G+1 Luxury Villas Built at Summit

Household getting ready in new apartment building

Future Plans

Keeping the growth pace of our company, we have planned to diversify our business to the hospitality industry by building five start hotel in Addis Ababa that will have an international brand. Nile Hotels PLC (NH) is a sister company that is engaged in hospitality business having registered with Birr 100 million capital. In all businesses we do, our commitment to quality, integrity and building for the next generation, will be the foundations for our successes and our customers satisfaction.

Sunrise Real Estate is a private company engaged in real estate, construction (Grade1), Construction machineries rental and in hospitality in Ethiopia.

Based on our international existence, we deliver quality and professionally designed real estate’s to Addis dwellers, and Ethiopian diasporas through sales or rental of the same properties so that our customers will find better house units with the necessary facilities that includes green areas and parking, among others. This includes providing G+1 villas and apartment houses in a reasonable price.

To be a reputable company in delivering quality real estate and services in Ethiopia.

  • Serving the next Generation
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Grade one construction
  • Real Estate rental and Apartment sells
  • Construction Machineries Rental

Our social responsibility feeling emanates from the need to build quality houses that can serve the next generation. As a result, building quality houses is a rule that comes from deep understanding of our role and the contribution we can make for the socio-economic development of the nation.

Meaza Tilahun

Meaza Tilahun

Marketing Expert

Dina Mehari

Dina Mehari

Marketing Expert

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