Does summit area has all the facilities to live safely, happy and comfortably at the luxury Sunrise Apartments in Addis ababa?

Does summit area has all the facilities to live safely, happy and comfortably at the luxury Sunrise Apartments in Addis ababa?

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Sunrise Real Estate built a truly luxury apartments and Villa homes, with fancy looks, finishes and amazing finishing designs. This Ethiopian Real Estate has been visited by many quality property seekers and they have been waiting for the Sunrise apartments for sale to be ready here in Addis ababa, Summit.

Some buyers, who did not visit Summit recently, questioned if Summit is really far from the main city and they would have difficulty living a quality life in Summit area. The following article will surprise you and probably answer most of your questions if you have not visited Sunrise or Summit area recently.

Please note that the following information is only information about what is available near Sunrise Real Estate, Summit and Sunrise does not guarantee the service or product quality of all the list below.


Amazingly Summit area is the ideal place for residency. The city railway passing through Yetebaberu, about a kilometer from Sunrise and its fancy wide roads made it ideal for people to migrate from various locations and make a living at Summit. since this movement of people, Summit area is now inhabited and probably became the most populated area in the city, with over 500 Condominium Buildings, each having 20 families and about 5 times that living in various homes, apartments and villas. This attracted all businesses from around the city and opened companies to provide a quality services to target customers.

1. Healthcare near Sunrise

While Sunrise Apartment will have a medical center inside the compound, it is good to have a nearby hospital for advanced treatments. Health is the most important factor to decide on your residence location

1.1. iCMc hospital


This is one of the medical centers that provides good medical services. The hospital provides a 24 hours service, with modern operation procedures, beds, all major hospital equipments, pharmacy, restaurant and parking services. iCMC is luckily less than 2kms or about 1.2 miles from Sunrise Real Estate. The hospital is located at the CMC square.

The hospital also claims to provide services such as:

  • Emergency services
  •  Internal medicine
  •   Pediatrics
  •   Gynecology & Obstetrics
  •   General Surgery
  •   Ambulance service for emergency calls


The hospital claims to provide the following services, according to their website’s services page:

  • Ophthalmology
  • Dermatology
  • Orthopedic
  • Neurology & neurosurgery
  • Psychiatry
  • Physiotherapy

You can learn more on their website by clicking here

1.2. American Medical


American Medical Center is another center, specially loved by families who love a preventive medical treatment and some say it is the best medical center for Kids, with a reputable children doctor. It is also known by travelers, who seek medical help, from physicians who understand about the western medical treatment.

The Clinic has a membership option for family checkups, for those who need to see their doctor regularly, before they are sick and prevent any problem before spreading to a point you can’t control.

The Clinic claims to be a Specialty Clinic for Infectious Diseases and Travel Medicine, and put that sign on their name. The US Embassy also published a physicians list, with one of their physicians on their website in February 2017.

1.3. Pommy Children Clinic


Pommy is a known Clinic, with medical services for children in other location. It now moved to Summit, Safari, less than a kilometer, about half a mile from Sunrise Real Estate Apartment Homes.

This clinic has a 24 hour service and it is only for children and does not provide any service for mothers or adults.

1.4.Yerer Hospital


It is good to have more option to a list of big hospitals. Yerer is another hospital with 24 hours service, located at Yerer, near Goro or Sefera.

The road to Yerer is usually clear, as the fancy road built can still hold many more cars without making any crowd. It hardly takes ten minutes to reach Yerer from Summit.

1.5. Other Clinics and Hospitals

There are Dental Clinics, General Clinics and Hospitals, Maternity Centers, Laboratories and other services close to Sunrise. Some are very close about a kilometer from Sunrise and others in less than five kilometers distance. This article covers more topics and hence showed only few of the Medical Service Centers.

1.5. Other Clinics and Hospitals

There are Dental Clinics, General Clinics and Hospitals, Maternity Centers, Laboratories and other services close to Sunrise. Some are very close about a kilometer from Sunrise and others in less than five kilometers distance. This article covers more topics and hence showed only few of the Medical Service Centers.

2.Banks around Sunrise

You may be overseas and think you don’t worry about this; but having all banks to be reachable easily will help you in living easier lifestyle. If you get a check, it may be important to have that Bank near to you. If someone requires you to send money via a specific bank, you will need the bank to be nearby. Although online and mobile banking are making this easier now, not many use the service and we will depend on physical banking services for quite a while in Ethiopia.

Yes, Sunrise Real Estate will surely have a banking service including ATM inside the Apartment compound and you may not need to leave the real estate for money; but it is good to have options again, as you may require to go to a specific bank that is not available at Sunrise. Luckily almost all Banks are found easily in Summit area, with Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and Dashen Bank having more than four locations around Summit or near to Summit. There are even banks, including new ones inside condominiums and locations with construction still in progress.

The road to Yerer is usually clear, as the fancy road built can still hold many more cars without making any crowd. It hardly takes ten minutes to reach Yerer from Summit.

2.1 Dashen Bank and Abay Bank


Why mention these banks first? Well, these are the banks just across from the Sunrise Real Estate Gate.

You will need to drive to the roundabout and a quick ‘U’ turn will get you there; but they are across the Sunrise, making the banks the nearest to the real estate.

2.2 Commercial Bank of


Commercial Bank of Ethiopia can be mentioned as the leading financial service provider, with reliable and advanced technology implementation and branches more than any other bank. This 75 years old government owned bank has improved its services and managed to provide the service to millions of customers all over the country.

The bank also provides the quick foreign currency exchange service using the ATM machine, which verifies the originality of the currency and identify the amount and gives you equivalent amount in Ethiopian Birr. Commercial Bank is also very near to Sunrise Real Estate, located at the U turn while  driving from Summit to Sunrise.

2.3. Other Banks


While there are many banks around Summit, that Sunrise Real Estate Apartment buyers can use, it is not necessary to discuss all of them.

The following are most common in Summit area and can be found in multiple locations:

Abysinya Bank, Awash Bank, Cooperative Bank of Oromia, Birhan Bank, Dashen Bank, Debub Global Bank, Lion International Bank, United Bank and Wegagen Bank

3.Shopping around Sunrise

Now that we covered Health and Banking, we need a place to spend our money. Shopping is important part of life, especially Supermarkets, Fruits and Vegetables. The following list is a brief list of shopping locations available around Summit, Sunrise Real Estate Apartment Homes for Sale.

3.1. Shoa Supermarket


Even if the Supermaket at Summit will be easy for you to find your grocery, it doesn’t hurt to have a second option, in case you don’t find what you are looking for.

Shoa Supermaket is located at Figa, near Safari, across from the Federal court and has almost everything you need for your grocery. The supermarket provides all types of grocery items, chilled animal products and even some households and furniture.

3.2. Safeway Supermarket


Safeway is also near Safari, just before Yetebaberut and holds a huge space to sell almost everything you need.

It also features a quick veg and non-veg food service inside the supermarket.

3.3. Alema Farms


This is another supermarket you can go to, located near Safari.

Alema Farms is located at Safari, which is located about 1km from Sunrise Real Estate.

3.4. Bakery


While there are so many bakeries around Summit, Lucinia is a name familiar to many, with stores in multiple locations and now in Summit area, near Safari, beside the Federal Court, across from Shoa Supermarket.

The bakery not only provides bread, but also cookies, donuts and some cakes. It also allows you to take a sit and have any cake or donuts on their table; but offers no hot or cold drinks. They have a quick service and people seems to love their products. Being located on the main road also made it convenient to part and make easy pickup.

3.5. Fruits and Vegetables


Ethiopia is blessed with organic Fruits and Vegetables. Yes, it is true. We are blessed to have fresh thick juices and vegetables we love available everyday.

Even if the Sunrise Super Market inside the Apartment Buildings or the nearest supermarkets in Summit area will have fruits and vegetables, some Ethiopians love the small fruits and vegetable stores on the street, who focus only on vegetables and fruits and have various options and always fresh items brought and sold on daily basis. Summit, across from the Pepsi factory gate, has a bunch of Fruits and Vegetables sellers. These stores not only have high variety; but are also less expensive and more fresh. You don’t need to even get of your car to buy what you need. You can just open your car window and shout the thing you need and how many kilograms. The store keeper will respond quickly and get you ready to go in a bag. You may need to check the quality of fruits and vegetables and let them know that you only need carefully selected ones, to have better results.

3.Eat out near Sunrise

The restaurant at Sunrise Real Estate may make you stay inside your Apartment Home. But surely, you would want to try eating out outside the Apartment sometime, just for fun. If you are a person, who likes to go out for some food and drink, Summit is a good and unique place with various options to choose from, depending on your budget and type of restaurant.

4.1. Roomi Burger


Roomi Burger is like the McDonald’s of Ethiopia, some say. Surely the house is clean, classy and cozy, some don’t like the taste of the burger and others say it is good.

Most kids love it, though. They even have a funny kids costume wearing person greeting kids at the gate. Roomi Burger is located beside Mana Building, across from Young Roots English School, Main campus, Safari. They have fast food, Pizza, Juice among others.

4.2 Fiyel Bet


The restaurant that only sells goat meat food

This is a famous place and loved by goat meat lovers. If you are not a goat person, this is not for you and you can skip this part too.

But if you love goat, the food smell, Fiyel Kitfo, Fiyel Tibs and Fiyel Kikil, then this is the new land mark across from Young roots, on the way to ‘selasa meter’ sefer. It is visible, located on the main road, at the corner and even now changing the name of the place from Safari to Fiyel Bet and a good spot for people to meet, as it is written in Amharic and visible well.

4.3 Enat Guada


This is a new place and famous restaurant in Mexico area. Enat Guada is like a food brand and just opened in Safari area. The restaurant used to be loved by government employees and other private company employees near Mexico for the delicious taste, its quantity, speed of service and most important of all its fair price.

People who tried their service witness how good and simple it was. The restaurant puts your meal in just few minutes and the speed makes you rush to finish the food and leave the table for others waiting for the chance. The service may be more better and feature more comfortable environment in Safari area, as the opening seemed more classy than it was before; but it has the market on the first day. It obviously is not a fancy place and you may not like it, if you are class conscious; but this is a restaurant worth mentioning and a restaurant worth trying.

4.4. SD, Limu Cafe

This cafe is one that you could try for good breakfast and fast food that is unique in its way. The cafe is simple, clean and neat to sit inside.

It tried to make the place looked great and probably made it to satisfy customers to keep coming. The cafe is located near the Federal Court, across from Shoa Supermarket, in Figa Sefer, near Safari area.

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  • Schools near Sunrise
  • Petrol Stations near Sunrise
  • Church and Mosques near Sunrise
  • Kids play centers near Sunrise
  • Day Care near Sunrise
  • The Summit Sheep Market

and others.

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Seven things to check before buying apartments in Addis Ababa

  1. Background of the Real Estate in Addis Ababa: Make sure the real estate is actually constructed in Addis Ababa and delivered before. Trust is the biggest problem with real estate in Ethiopia today and it is vital to check the real estate’s background
  1. Design: Just because there is lack of residents in Addis Ababa doesn’t mean you have to buy the available cheapest apartment, just because it is ready for sale. Whether you are going to resell it or live in it, its design is important and adds value to its market value. It also makes you feel good to be in a well designed, beautiful home, rather than a boring apartment.
  1. Facilities nearby: Check and make sure that basic facilities are nearby or available inside the real estate. It is okay to have your apartment outside the center of the city, but basic services such as supermarket, restaurant, bank, etc should be easily reachable.
  1. Quality: Most apartments luck quality. Some have bad finishing and others have major problems and use cheap finishing materials, such as bathroom accessories, floor tiles, etc. You need to check the quality of the products the real estate uses and the repetition of the real estate from previously constructed apartments or homes. If you can’t be there at the real estate, send someone to check for you. It is also a good idea to go with someone with better experience to help you check the quality of the apartment and look beyond the cover.
  1. Is the apartment actually built? Before making payment, going to the location and seeing the apartment under construction is important. Stop listening to sales people who talk about the big dream house with no tangible apartment being constructed. Note that it may take long time to complete apartments with no construction in progress.
  1. Parking: Parking is the most important and usually ignored facility in a real estate. Check and make sure that there is enough parking for residents inside the real estate.
  1. Security: While most real estate builders and apartment buyers check this feature later, security is vital and needs to be planned earlier. Make sure the apartment is secure for you and your family and has well constructed fence.
  1. Internet: In today’s world internet is important to be present in apartments. Internet service in Addis Ababa has unlimited broadband service, for which you can pay a fixed monthly fee to ethio telecom. You can get connected the whole month with a flat payment rate. To have the service for you, with the speed you need, apartments need to have the internet line ready beforehand. You can then easily get the WiFi you love at home. Make sure the apartment you buy has the facility.