How to make beautiful Garden, the Sunrise Real Estate way

How to make beautiful Garden, the Sunrise Real Estate way

1. Design the area

Children Playground




Weather it is your home, your office or restaurant, you need to have the looks of the green area beforehand in order to have a beautiful green area and combination colorful flowers that goes with you, just like Sunrise Real Estate. A well designed and planned garden is half done.

Inside Sunrise - Green

Nature Inside Sunrise


Walking Area



2. Prepare Safe place
Take care of flowers like your children and they will take care of your senses.

Flowers engineered with the homes

Beautifully designed flowers

Sunrise also cares for outerlooks

Main Road outside Sunrise, Make sure they are safe and secure too.


Right Flowers for the right location

New flowers are like new born babies, so are new green plants. You need to prepare their room and make it safe and secure while looking good.

3. Get the best soil you can find
Invest in soil and find the best soil available for your flowers. After all, it is the soil that gives all the food to your plants and flowers.


Don’t expect fully grown, shining flowers without proper soil (their food)


Well fed flowers, looking great and beautiful

4. Deside on types of flowers and plants


  1. Once you have the looks in your mind, decide on the type of flowers you can find and afford and decide carefully considering all conditions to suit your needs.Beautiful_FlowersCatchy Colorful Flowers, pleasing to see while walking inside

    Green combination inside Sunrise


    Red and green: a color combination you can make


    Eye catching flowers, for your inner soul


    Some unique and stand tall beautiful flowers


    Yellow color could work too, it looked good at Sunrise


5. Care for your Green plants

Your flowers and plants are like children. If you take good care of them, they will shine and grow beautiful. Water twice daily in the morning and evening regularly and be consistent in caring for them even after they grow to be beautiful.


Well cared green plants and flowers make your place beautiful inside out.

Watering flowers in the morning and evening

Watering flowers in the morning and evening

6. Use Fertilizers properly

Green Flowers fully grown with proper fertilization and care



You will also require fertilizers and seek professional advice before jumping into these, as too much and too less may harm the green beauties.


7. Weed the area
Weeds are going to be there. Expect them and pull out the weeds regularly from the soil to keep your flowers and plants healthy.


Weeding the area gives you these looks.


Happy and smiling flowers


Giving life to cement


Yellow and red, whatever the color, it all looks good when weeding is cleared.

8. Use them in your interior too
At Sunrise, you see flowers everywhere. Beautiful Green touches in beautiful Pot give life to the office, even when there is no one around. You can also keep the flowers in a pot and keep them on table. The flowers may dry and still look beautiful. Choose your flowers wisely and you can have dry flowers shining for months like the sunrise office tables. Come to the office and look for yourself, while you look at the development progress of the buildings and the parking building under construction.


Beautiful Flower used in a Pot


Green Office at Sunrise, come and look for yourself


Dry Flowers in office, another way of using flowers, even when they dry

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