Sunrise at Sunrise

One morning, I was there earlier to meet someone at Sunrise. It was about 6am. I know; it is too early. We just have to do that once in a while, hard working. The beautiful light reflections from the Villas grabbed my attention I run to the apartment to see this beauty before it disappears. I was lucky to see this. I am not a good photographer and it didn’t came out right. I took this photo from my mobile phone. At least you can see the beauty; but the reality of  actually being there on the apartment and be able to see this is unimaginable. The image couldn’t come out right, as  the light just blurs the view. When you see it with your eyes from the apartment building, under construction, it just feels like everything was designed to present the Sunrise to the audience on the apartment. The light shows up on the floors of the villa later; but it is seen from the apartment much earlier and light just turns from yellow to red, then covers the sky with beautiful reflections. It brightens more and you can feel the low heat coming at you, in the cold morning. Oh, I just can’t explain that. I started rubbing my hands and could’t take pictures anymore. I rather enjoyed it. I hope you agree with me too. The Sunrise beauty at Sunrise came stronger and stronger and got its Sunshine all over the Real Estate’s open spaces and windows.

I promise, I will come back here with better Camera and take these beautiful pictures in early morning and share it with you. Please let me hear from you.

Sunrise at Sunrise

Beautiful Sunrise in the Morning

A view from the appartment

Beside the Beautiful Villas for Rent

A view from the Villas, just before Sunrise

Sunrise Lights Reflecting through

You have to see it, to undertand the beauty

Coming more brighter

Just before more heat and light comes all over the place

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