Meaza Tilahun

Hi! I am Meaza, marketing expert at Sunrise. I make sure that you are happy before and after joining our community. I take care of your utility services, handle customer service and overall marketing. Please use: or Mobile: +251966685908 to contact me.

Dina Mehari

Hello. This is Dina. I am also marketing expert at Sunrise. Please contact me for services of Sunrise Real Estate. I am available at Sunrise office and via e-mail. I do my best to take good care of customers. You can reach me at: or Mobile:  +251966685907

Sunrise Marketing Manager

Hewan Melesse

Hi! I am Hewan. I am Sunrise’s marketing expert. You can also contact me via mail: or Mobile: +251966685906. Let me know if you have any message to our management, Sunrise Real Estate or have any questions about us. 

Belay Fikru

Hello there. I am Belay, Head of Engineers at Sunrise Real Estate. You will meet me if you have engineering work at Sunrise Real Estate. 

Kidist Eshetu

Hi! I am Kidist. I am an architect at Sunrise Real Estate. You will meet me if you have any business regarding architectural designs. 

Timely Support

We provide on time support to our residents, at Sunrise Luxury Homes. You can let us know of your needs and we will do our best to accomodate you. Please contact us if you need anything.

Innovative Ideas

We welcome ideas and suggestions from our customers. You are the designers of our services and methods we should follow. Let us know of what you think of Sunrise and we always consider your comments.

Advanced Technology

At Sunrise, we try to accomodate you with technologies that are available and necessary for you including WiFi line, telephone line etc already setup. We would also love to hear from you about what we should include.

Clear Communication

We are open to discussions and easy going to communicate with you. Please feel at home and step into our always open doors if you need to talk to us.